Virtual One-on-Ones

I'm excited to offer virtual songwriting one-on-ones! If you're interested in a 30-minute Zoom session, please reach out for more information and scheduling. Click here

Women's Songwriting Workshop

My first ever Women's Songwriting Workshop, held at Jubilee! Church in Columbia, SC Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18, was two days of fellowship and music-making magic that included group gatherings, free writes, community jams, and discussions to sharpen songwriting skills. There was also opportunity to perform at the end of the workshop.

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Swamp Sessions Retreat

The Swamp Sessions Songwriting Retreat is a three day weekend at the solar powered Swamp House in the Francis Marion Forest. New and experienced artists come together and magic is made. Songwriters and musicians who have been to Swamp Sessions call upon this experience over time because it continues to serve them in life, creativity, and career. At this retreat, artists can record their songs, share their works at the campfire jams, walk the songwriting challenge trail, and work one-on-one with our music staff. Some artists enjoy all of the above, and having alone time to create in a cool spot to work on their own. It’s a safe place to take creative risks. Watch the video and complete the contact form below to receive information about future workshops & retreats!

Songwriting Nature Workshop

One of the inspiration activities for live Swamp Session Retreat participants is a 1/4 mile walking trail with eight stations, each with a unique creative writing (or thinking!) challenge. In late 2022, we created this virtual guide to the Songwriting Nature Workshop in order to share this incredible resource with people beyond our in-person guests. Writers, creative people, and teachers can utilize this video to bring much joy and creativity, as others have felt along the trail for many years! Educators may wish to download the transcript to guide in group discussions and activities (just click/tap to download).

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songwriting nature workshop transcript pdf

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