Music Under The Oaks

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Tatooed Moose, John's Island, SC

Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere under the oaks, with good eats and great music from our full band. We move indoors if it rains. Plenty of seats in there too, and I am sure the doors will be open to the covered porch . Come enjoy!

LQA Reunion for Kevin Oliver's 25th Year with Free Times

State Street Pub, 136 State Street, Columbia, SC 29169

September marks the 25th anniversary of local freelance writer Kevin Oliver's tenure as contributor to Free Times weekly publication. Come out and celebrate as he has coaxed his favorite Columbia band out of retirement for one night only. Lay Quiet Awhile was the band that launched Danielle Howle into the national spotlight via their 1993 album "Delicate Wire," the band's artsy, melodic, and sometimes heavy alternative rock was and is unique in its sound and style. Along with Danielle, this show will include original bassist Dan Cook, drummer Troy Tague and guitarist John Furr (who played in the post-LQA combo The Tantrums with Howle).

Opening the show will be Columbia's King Vulture.

It's a FREE SHOW!!!

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