Swamp Sessions Songwriter Retreat

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Presented by Awendaw Green and Swamp Sessions "Off the Grid" Sustainable Energy Music Project, Highway 17, Awendaw, SC


Biography Swamp Sessions "Off the Grid" Sustainable Music For the People

Deep in the Francis Marion National forest, on the Echaw creek sits a solar powered swamp house, owned by Awendaw Green proprietor, Eddie White. The first solar powered Cd was recorded there by Danielle Howle, who has been returning to this artistic haven to produce Swamp Sessions "Off The Grid" Sustainable Energy Project.

Six recording sessions have taken place in brief 48 hour periods, garnering the creative support of songwriters Edwin McCain, Cary Anne Hearst, Joel Hamilton, And Phillip Lamonds, to name a few. A local rhythm sedition is available on hand for any writer to rock with.

"This adventure allows us artists to step away from the business side of making music, the worlds we are used to, and strips the art down to bare essential goodness, says Howle. Having artists of all musical styles coming together to write and experience the joy of creating in its purest form has been such an inspiration to me.

This pristine setting harkens back to a time of Hinges where artists would gathered to share and create. Cell phones and the Internet do not work there. These fine musicians cannot get away from themselves. There is no diversion from soul.

Howle says, "It has been a rather healing and eye opening experience for me as a songwriter and producer.

As artist in residence for the cutting edge music organization, Awendaw Green, www.awendawgreen.com Howle and proprietor Eddie White, have been crafting ways to build community with all ages and genres of musicians. Life changing relationships and trust is being built during Swamp Sessions "Off The Grid" sustainable energy project. New artists work with seasoned one's, and forget about everything but growing into the songs in the moment of creation. A wild abandonment of anything unnatural is heard in these tracks where the swamp house and the forest breath together creating the timeless sounds of artists channeling the spirit of the earth and being human.

The goal of Swamp Session is to showcase talent in a uniquely natural setting. It is a meditation of all that is sacred in music and the true, loving fellowship between musicians.

[While there is an 18 and up age limit for these sessions, for younger students, please inquire with Danielle!]

$350 per student, $50 deposit Age limit: 18+

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