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Fall talk 

Howdy music friends!!


I'm so excited to let you know about the New Year's Eve show with Edwin McCain at Charleston Music Hall. I am so honored to open for my good friend, who is also a big inspiration to me musically and as a human being. This show will sell out, so get your tickets today. Here's that link to e.tix!


Many of us have enjoyed Edwin's songwriting, world class voice on his amazing recordings. To me, every Edwin song is a hit, not just the charting number one hits!! Hearing Edwin at Charleston Music Hall is a once in a lifetime treat for music lovers. Charleston Music Hall is the PERFECT venue for Edwin's work. You will be amazed and I hope to see you at this show.


WAIT! I never told you all about my recent UK tour and how it turned out. It was excellent and inspirational. Martin Stephenson was my headliner, champion, friend, and host. Martin is one of the best musicians I know and have heard play live, and you guys know I have been fortunate enough to be around a good many bad-asses. Martin's catalog is extensive. I recommend starting with “Haunted Highways”


I met Martin years ago on UK tour when we both opened for Indigo Girls. It was truly an honor to play with Martin again and meet many of his friends and one of his daughters, Phoebe Stephenson, who is in the up-and-coming band El-Cid.


Seeing Martin in his home country, headlining, and owning his crowd was amazing. He brings a live show like no other and to hear his fans singing along and laughing at his highly intelligent wit was amazing. Martin can invite just about anyone he wants over to play shows, and he has the crowds there at the venues. He chose to have me over this past tour and I'm still reeling from it as a friend and fan.


It was my first time seeing Martin with his full band. They were so good and treated me like one of their own. I don't like traveling without my band and this time I had to. It was so nice to be looked after so well. I will return to UK in July of 2016. I'm beside myself!!


People really listen and cared there. Martin has a load of awesome fans which truly helps an unknown artist like myself. I had some of the most meaningful musical experience of my career during that tour. Thank you Martin for championing me, from the bottom of my heart.


Returning home, I shed some tears for my UK friends that I still miss, and then some tears for the folks of South Carolina that were devastated by flooding, while I was away. I flew into Charlotte, NC and stayed a few days there with family. I had no idea that my home was affected at that point. My damage was nothing to compared to the people who lost everything, and some lost their lives. My heart goes out to all.


I have not been able to live in my house since I returned, so THANKS to all the folks who have let me stay in their homes. My little cabin (called The Baby House) had some manageable problems before, due to the fact that Awendaw, is kinda well, it's a swamp. So, mildew and mold set in further at the Baby House. This will all get figured out somehow, but it has been challenging. Prayers and advice welcome.


Fortunately, I have been able to be of some use to my SC community. I was asked to play Big Dam Jam in my hometown of Columbia, SC. Many bands gathered, under the direction of Tom Hall from The Plowboys, and a good time was had by all. 33 thousand was raised for flood relief. Many artists auctioned off house concerts and I was proud that mine was sold for $900.00.


This won't fix my house and that's ok. Having our community KNOW musicians care and being able to help was a huge shift. I'm letting the universe know a part of my focus, and that is for myself and the people in SC is to have safe, functional places to live.


Many amazing gigs are coming up in my world. There are more benefits to do, and just more gigs to play. With this said, it is a good time for anyone wanting a winter house concert to book it now. I'll help you clean up after- it's cool.


Parallel Chords – Short, The Film I helped produce (among other things) is doing very well on the festival circuit. I'm lucky to have some song placements in here too. Check out our trailer here.

also, follow on Facebook- be our friend- to see just how well this film is doing.


It's new songwriting time for me! Songs are being born left and right. Fall is a great time to for me, even though my house situation has jammed me up a bit. There's a new song up on the website now, which can be downloaded for free when folks sign up, so please tell your friends. If you are a mailing list member, and would like this song, shoot me an email and I'll send it on over!


The Song is Called “How Do You want To Go” written by Danielle Howle and Zach Bodtorf. It was produced by our bass player Sean Kelly (A Fragile Tomorrow) at Low Watt studios in Savannah, which me co-owns and founded. Engineers are Brendan Kelly and Ted Comeford. The tune was mixed by renowned engineer/produced Malcolm Burn. Our drummer, Josh Kean, also of the band All Get Out, truly made this track come alive. We had a blast recording it. The Song is up for a limited time, so please share that with friends!


More news on my studio adventures soon. Not quite ready to announce our producer!! I am shoring some awesome things up right now.


OH, here's D-Tales Episode 3.


Check it out and share away!!

Hear the full, new song from D Tales 3 on

Sound Cloud - Rhythm of You



All my very best,




New Song!! 

Hey friends! Happy to premiere a brand new song called "How Do You Want To Go"! It was recorded in Savannah, GA at Low Watt Recording and produced by my bass player, Sean Kelly of A Fragile Tomorrow. The great Malcolm Burn mixed it, and it was mastered by Mitch Webb at Mantis Records. For a LIMITED TIME, you can get a free download by signing up for my mailing list at This won't last forever, so go get it now!

Howle on the move. I love YOU! 

Greetings Music Friends,


Much is happening and I am so happy to share this with you.


Tomorrow in the day, I will gig with Death of Paris in front of the Russell House at USC in downtown Columbia. Not sure how the public will kept out, but the festival is called Connect2Colafest and is to welcome students to different things going on in Columbia.


Then the band is off to Asheville to appear at The Orange Peel with many of our friends.

Barneroo Festival in Asheville, NC is having a pre-Jam THIS Saturday 8-12 and we will be there.

For many years I have begged Andrew Scotchie and the River Rats to PLEEEZE let me play on this festival, produced by Andrew Scotchie, connector and great musician. Our band is ON the bill and it is going to be kick-ass.


Immediately following my performance, I shall drive to the Charlotte airport and head over the big Pond to Scotland and England for some date with The Dainties, fronted by old friend and amazing songwriter Martin Stephenson.


BUT WAIT!! You can see Martin Stephenson in the Southern USA beginning of September. Look on his FB page for details! He will play Awendaw Green Barn Jam on September 2nd. I will be there to hang and dance with you as he sings his well crafted, life changing songs.


Thanks to the 10 awesome humans who donated to my Paypal account to help this trip happen! There is still time to donate. This email will help you to my Paypal. You will get a t-shirt and some treats in the mail. If you want me to download one of my CD's for you, I can do that!! Just tell me in the note when you place your donation.


NEW YOUTUBE SERIES “D-Tales” filmed and produced by Emmy award winning actor John C. Bailey

Please make sure you watch my new YOUTUBE series called “D-Tales” all about the stories behind my songs. We have two episodes completed, so far- and they are posted under the video tab of my website! I have also given the corresponding sound-cloud link to the songs, if you would like to make comments there as well.

Thank you Edwin McCain for having me on your upcoming show on August 27 in Hilton Head and Poseidon. I am so honored to play with you and your band again.

Hilton Head is sold out because Edwin Rules and people give a shit, but there are still tickets for 8/28 Windjammer.

And by the way you 3 Edwin fans, you are most welcome for me telling you to GET YOUR HILTON HEAD tickets. So buy a #DMFH t-shirt- right? :) We good.




All summer long I have been writing songs and working as a gardener and cleaning lady. It has been rewarding and challenging. I have not decided on a producer yet for my next CD, but you will be informed shortly of my fall plans to record with my fabulous band and a great producer. I have grown so much as an artist and am in my prime. It feels good to say and live this with humble confidence.


Americana Fest

FINALLY!!! I have the honor to attend this festival thanks to Joe Spencer who sponsored me to this event. I do not have a showcase, but will attend and hope see, meet and get inspired by many artists and industry professionals. I was delighted that 5 artists playing this event I had seen at Awendaw Green's weekly concert Series The Barn Jam.



This is an artist and industry friendly, fervent, informative, career building entity! It was put together by one of the greatest music business minds I know. Dave Stewart. FANS!!! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!! Go to the link above and you will know why and where we are all together. Aug 27-29 is ON!


HOLY CITY CONFESSIONALS at HOME TEAM BBQ (West Ashley location) Charleston, SC

EVERY Monday at this ALL ORIGINAL SONGWRITER open mic, I am your Emcee!! Show starts at 8pm and I play 4 songs, because it is 3-4 songs or 15 minutes for each artist. We have a full back-line set up and ready to go, so no excuses if you want to bring your band out. After my set, we down to the music up in front of a receptive crowd. So many great people have come: Jordan Igoe, Josh Roberts, John Brannen, Finnegan Bell,East Indians, Brendan Pugh, Campbell Brown, Reid Stone, Mac Leaphart, Doug Jones, Sean Kelly, to name a few. I will let you look them up, because you should know. Check out the FB page


Parallel Chords Short Film see trailer:

is doing GREAT and being added to many prominent festivals. Yes, I helped produce this film, cast a bunch of extras and helped organize many locations for the shoots down here in SC. Parallel Chords did well at Cinema St. Louis film fest and got into St. Louis International FF. 3 awards: BEST SOUNND and our cinematographer Hannah Radcliffe was recognized for two films, along with our director/writer Catherine Dudley- Rose for notable talent to watch. We are receiving confirmations for showings left and right! Our director and writer Catherine Dudley- Rose is most pleased. She is an amazing artist to work with. I will never trade my times sweating it out day and night with Catherine and the crew. FB page:


The Edisto Expedition- Watch this NOW

is a film in progress and now a community project that has my heart and full support. If you would like to literally SAVE South Carolina's pristine coast, your water supply, and make sure the ENTIRE EARTH remains in balance, check out this 30 minute short film. I am primarily a music coordinator on this project, but will do some composing as well. Call me “word spreader” because that is what NEEDS to happen most. More info to educate:


Sol Jam Fest was AMAZING!! Highlight for me in Late July, early August was seeing Josh Roberts and the Hinges. My band during this festival was actually Jordan Igoe, along with Josh Roberts and The Hinges. Then Josh kicked it Hinge face melting style after our set to headline the outdoor stage, right there on the front beach at Isle of Palms. You can catch Josh Roberts this month on the band's tour of Colorado.


Jordan Igoe is AMAZING and becoming known in the national music world at an astounding rate. It's because she is great and her music will change your life for the better. Her honesty and careful crafting of composition wins her “Musician of Bad-ass” award in the #DMFH world.


I humbly thank Joel Timmons of the band Sol Drive Train, ( ADD URL) and his amazing staff for putting on Sol Jam Fest 2015. Joel reminded me at the festival that I introduced him to Josh Roberts!! This was definitely a humbling moment in my life. Thank God other people remember things like this. I can sail on that statement for weeks!


Awendaw Green AWENDAWSOME!!!!!

I am artist in residence at musical hinge Awendaw Green in the low-country of South Carolina. We do a show EVERY Wednesday (rain or shine) called The Barn Jam. Artists from all over the country know of this and our loyal, growing crowd.


We have grown to 500 in number this summer, bringing art, music, fun, business, and connectivity for all who enjoy and support the Barn Jam. This is CRAZY in the rural town of Awendaw, just outside of Charleston, SC. The Barn Jam often exceeds the town's population most Wednesdays. We want to thank all of our patrons for recycling and keeping the land beautiful and clean.


Our brothers and sisters of music at Sewee Outpost make the Barn Jam possible. Brooks Gear, owner of Sewee Outpost, has a keep sense about music and community. Brooks has also installed (and runs) a beautiful Frisbee golf course on the property, which attracts players from all over the country. I have played this course several times and though I am not very good at Frisbee Golf, it is great way to get outside and be with your friends.


All things Awendaw Green are under the direction of our fearless leader Eddie White and engineer in residence Nat Mundy. The Barn Jam has become a refuge for touring and local artists. Fans of the Barn Jam have come to know the consistent and authentic booking skills of Eddie White, who also happens to be the best dentist I have EVER had in my life.


During the Barn Jam, I can often be found making pizzas, which are then wood fired, in our beautiful oven, by our fearless volunteers Joan Hale and Keith Grybowski. We are thinking of forming a side project called “the Pizza people” but mostly we just sing and dance while making pizzas to all the bands and songwriters that play. HOWEVER..... Keith did contribute and instrumental tune to Edisto Expeditions short movie, which is used throughout, more than the rock star tunes in there!! Go Keith!!


Mine is a life of service with great love. I am looking forward to hearing and hanging with this vast community of earthlings I am a part of. Wishing you all the best. Thanks for reading. #DMFH

Howle to Nashville 

Hello Music Friends!

Playing in Nashville this Thursday, June 18 at Mad Donnas w/ some other fabulous SC artists. Check me tour schedule for details. Share and come on down- it's time to hang! Love D

Sunday Feb 22 LIVE STREAT CONCERT 7pm eastern time.  


Howdy Music friends!!

I am proud to announce a Live Stream Concert Sunday, February 22nd that you can watch in your own home at 7:00pm Eastern-Standard time on Concert Window. All donations go to help me make a killer studio album with my awesome music friends! Spread the word if you are feelin it!

Here's the link to the Concert

We have an invite on FB- Please share!

Here's a little You-Tube video about the show and my cool, little house “The Baby House” at the intentional musical community called Awendaw Green.


Ps-- It's right before the Grammy's! Ha ha!--- oops. Do both if ya can. D

Wash Hands Project still Rockin! 


Proud to announce that “Wash Hands” Multi-Media Project is being used well!

Lakewowod Elementary School in Myrtle Beach, SC

Hey Danielle! I received an email from our school nurse who asked me to play it for the school because she was seeing an increase in illness. Our students love this video at all grade levels, and when we play it for them, we see an increase in their awareness of the importance of hand washing! Our school has used your video before but never on our web site, thanks so much for getting back to me!

Brennan Elementary School Columbia, SC

Used the song on their announcements the other day as well! Here's that link if you school needs to learn about washing hands!! Stay well and Happy Holidays!

November and December Goodness 


Greetings Music friends!
Happy Thanks Giving or whenever this gets to ya! Thanks to the new folks joining this email list!!. I loves ya! Some other places to follow are below!

I have a few gigs and new CD updates. IF you don't have time for everything- go to the highlighted stuff of your choosing. Scroll down for the new videos!


Friday, Nov, 28th at The Pour House-- MAJOR GIG- BE THERE!!
Super excited to play with Charleston's best Americana artist Jordan Igoe  at The Pour House on Friday, November 28th. She is fantastic and writes songs that I am  SOOO glad someone had the amazing awareness to write on this planet in a way that is eloquent, understandable and just down-right BRILLIANT!! and


Get a ticket and come on out- it's cheaper this way!!!
FB event -

Show Video

11/28's opener is Justin Osborne from the band Susto: Justin will do a stripped down set. He is an up and coming bad-ass well deserving of the love. Crazy we were even able to get him! Thanks Jordan Igoe!! OH yea, tracks 1 and 6 off Justin's new Cd are my FAVs right now, but the whole dam thing is ROCKIN!!


Ram's Head OnStage Annapolis, MD
12/04 Opening for long time supporter AMY RAY (Indigo Girls and Daemon records owner)
Ticket URL

Look, if I am willing to drive 10 hr  up and 10 back to play with her, you MD locals KNOW she is the best. Spread the dang word. DMFH hath spoken. Ok, here is that ticket place again.

Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
12/05  doors 7:00pm show 7:30
Well, I have never played this room and I dig this whole chill vibe.
FB invite:
My website will give all info.

House Concert in my Hometown
12/06  doors 7:00 show 7:30 - A Holiday Gift to ALL you know.
Seating is limited, but NO ONE will be turned away due to lack of funds.  Seats will be given to those who buy in advance first and then to those paying at the door. All said, if you are broke and still wanna come, then speak with me personally. I need all supporters at this show. I NEED this for many reasons.

I am starting to make a new CD and have tracked two songs at Archer Avenue for a new CD. However, I have run out of money and have a SPECIAL PACKAGE TO OFFER YOU!! Check out my store.

The package is: 3 CD's (hand painted covers) with a photo book, and digital download of new CD in progress.

CD unreleased NEW 5 song EP called The Pow Pow Sessions.

CD 2. Ten UNRELEASED tracks recorded over the years that NO ONE has heard.

CD 3 A compilation of 15 released tracks from my past 13 albums. This is an “introduction to Danielle, as seen through my eyes and my pick of tunes.

CD 4. Digital download of new album I an trying to fund RIGHT NOW!!

“Things I have Seen” Photo Book with "danielle-isms" that go with the photos and well, sometimes do not.

WOULD YOU LIKE THIS PACKAGE? check it out on my website. Do you think the pricing has value? Do you think it is too expensive- cheap? Just asking- it's not like we are strangers!!

The first 50 people to buy get some additional cool, (and worthy) unreleased DMFH material.  All feedback needed and welcome.

NEW TV SHOW trailer-- I am in here!! Enjoy!

Mark Bryan (Hootie and the Blowfish) and music business professor at College of Charleston, did a song for a project I produce: SWAMP SESSIONS “Off the Grid” Sustainable Energy Project. Mark's Student's chose the song WOW!! So I got to produce the track and be in the video with some of my good friends, and I sing on the tune!! What a great day that was two weeks ago. Then I got into the car and hurled myself through space to Conundrum Music Hall just in time to play with my old music brothers Spottisewood and His Enemies, which of course led to more shows that week. I am so proud to know this amazing band and see them get better every year.

Here are some videos of MY COOL BAND shot duringNovember by friends. ENJOY!!

November 11

November 13

NEW WEBSITE!- Swamp Sessions

GO here and check it out. The last website I had was not so hot. This one is better. Learn how to sponsor this project or a student to come out. Happy Holidays!! Thank you for reading this and good luck with your time on the planet earth and where ever your final destination may be. Your Music Pal, DMFH

It's a Wrap! End of Summer Updates! 

OH man, what grand adventures I have had this summer. Being Co-producer on a short film, written by Catherine Dudley-Rose WRAPPED a week or so back (cant' remember exact date) but the film adventure continues. We will both score this short film together called "Parallel Chords". Once our press release is written, I shall post it here for all of you to enjoy.
Catherine chose such a fine group of talent, both on and off screen for the shoot, which took place in Charleston and the surrounding area. THANKS to To Patrick at T.W. Graham's in McClellanville for feeding the crew and also for giving his restaurant up for a location. We LOVE you Patrick, your chef ( primary extras artist in Army Wives) and all of your staff.

I have never seen so many contracts, releases and insurance forms. If this is what is necessary for a short film, my hat goes off to ALL folks who work the back-end in this industry. on ANYTHING! Holy poop sticks! I carried that book of forms around like a sacred scroll- no offense there to anyone. Deal with me!

All-in-all I felt like everyone on this shoot had each other's back and quite honestly, I learned a great deal about the film industry. Thanks professional bad-asses. I Did my job, and the ones that got handed to me. Did this kick my ass? YES. It was awesome! So if you are from "Parallel Chords"  and reading this: thank you for your honesty, care and great ways of getting my ass up to speed. Also thanks for listening to me when I knew what I was talking about, evne though I am new to the on-set film world.

WHAT AM I DOING MUSICALLY? Just before SXSW, back in March, I recorded a 5-song demo that has a ton of potential. It is not out of the can yet, but will be in the coming months. My parts on it need a little more work. The band sounded just fabulous. We recorded at Pow-Pow sound  in Columbia, SC with engineer John Furr (Guitarist and songwriter for the Band Danielle Howle and The Tantrums) as I probably told you before. What a blessing it was to work with John again.

The band changed rhythm sections in June of this year and I am pleased with our new choices. We will record a track in Savannah at a new studio this month - but I cannot say more right now. Then another track will be recorded in October. This studio is Archer Avenue, with the awesome engineer Kenny McWilliams, who co-produced with me the track: "let Me Take You There" a song about Columbia, SC for Columbia Visitor's Bureau, in late April and early May of this year.

If all of this is confusing, imagine how I feel right now. There are tons of other logistical moves I am making behind the scenes to make the fall into 2015 run smoothly for our music.

This brings me to my next point. I need interns willing to work 10 -15 hours a MONTH helping me and my new office assistant get our ducks in a row. All interested applicants can apply to: or here on the website forum. Applicants do not have to be in the same town or even state.  A Skype or face-time interview with each applicant will be the next step.

This opportunity will look good on a resume. I have much to teach, and also learn. The soft deadline for this is September 19th. I will work in any qualified people after this through March of 2015. Yes, college and high-school credit are available for those chosen. Please note if you need more hours to receive your credit, I need to be made aware of this in advance through your submission letter. All applicants must state (to the best of their knowledge) all pertinent info for my office assistant to handle the logistics of school credit.

Please note one internship is specifically available and related to Swamp Sessions "Off The Grid" Sustainable Energy and Music project. Get to know this project, visit our FB page (URL) and go to

Thank you dear supporters for reading my long-ass blog. All here at Awendaw Green, where I am "Artist in Residence" is going quit well. We here at Awendaw Green welcome all band submissions for the Wednesday night Barn Jam concert series. For booking: contact Eddie White by email and allow 3 days before contacting him again. if He does not get back to you. We have bands from all over North America playing our event in front of large crowds who care and want to be there.  :)

We are usually booked 3-4 months in advance. Let us know when your band is coming through the area.  Sometimes acceptions can be made, but we prefer the 3-4 month window.

Hope your plans for the rest of this year are going excellent. I look forward to hearing back from many of you.

For those who have asked, YES, I do still have house concert dates avail in the fall and winter.  I am filling up. To my west coast folks, book it now, so my east coast folks don't lock it in.  I will tailor the events to what you would like to have at your house concert.

August Goodness 


Hello fellow music humans!
I am happy to tell you I am on a great film making adventure called "Parallel Chords". My friend Catherine Dudley-Rose wrote it and lived it too. I'll continue helping out this week as we begin to shoot.  I love everyone involved.  They are coming to South carolina from many far away places. Looking forward to it.

Do I have some live shows? Why yes, I do have two on the same day in Columbia, Saturday, August 23. They are very important, so please get on the tour page and check them out. Share the FB invites if you are feeling it.
Show 1!

Show 2!

Gonna concentrate on the movie and these two gigs.

FOR YOU GUYS!!!! It's time for house concert season in my world so book it now by emailing me on this site.

Hope to hear from you!


Love, DMFH

This blog should be called "WTF? How amazing is my Life???AMAZING!!!"" So so shall it be! YES- it is going to a be long blog - so I have put some BOLD PRINT around items of interest in case you guys don't have time to read the whole thing.

Hey Music Friends- it's been a while and I hope you are well. The fall brings creativity and the making of things in my world. How about you? Write me and let me know. I love being inspired by you all.

When I left Heather Lutrell's comfy Atlanta home and amazing hospitality, (after finishing my Gyrotonic pre-training,) I drove like mad  Sunday, October 19,  to Columbia, SC to record some of my new tunes. I was just in time to roll into Archer Avenue Studios the day before tracking.

There, producer Kenny McWilliams and our drummer Josh Keen were setting up to get drum sounds for the new recording, which took place Monday, October 20th.

We got two tracks and they sound amazing even in the rough mix stage. I'm going to do more recordings. However this will take time and funding that I desperately need. I'm figuring out ways to fund the recording- all ideas and donations welcome!!! You will get many thanks and special gifts of unreleased material. You can also name a gift you want! Donate to this email by paypal.

Just spent a week in Atlanta, GA. The focus of my visit was Gyrotonic Pre-training. I had a wonderful experience working with master trainer Elizabeth Holland. If you would like to know more about this system of fitness, wellness and expansion, please visit her site and go also to I truly recommend this for all ages and fitness levels.

Also, I stayed a few days with awesome musical artist Heather Lutrell who just released a CD  called "Boat Paddle"... I highly recommend all people BUY this album now. It has become the soundtrack to my life and travels! It is her best work to date. Onward my musical friend and inspiration!

instead of giving Christmas gifts this year- have a Danielle Howle house concert at your place!! Email me at for all inquiries! I am also accepting house concert offers for January and February primarliy, at this point.



Saturday, November 28th, Come out to The Pour House and be a part of the best show I will do this year. Jordan Igoe / Sinner and Saints/ Danielle Howle + Firework Show on ONE BILL!

Get tickets NOW!!

Join us on Facebook



Last August, we were chosen, along with The Ruby Brunettes to be the first filmed an recorded SC artists for "The Palmetto Sessions" a wonderful television series in the works for South Carolina Music Guide. We are anxiously awaiting the debut of this project. I'll let you know more details soon.

POW POW SOUND recordings AND others!!
Recently the band and I went into an up-and coming studio in Columbia called Pow- Pow Sound. The engineer/producer there is John Furr from MANY awesome bands. I know him best as the co-songwriter and guitar player for our band called Danielle Howle and the Tantrums.

My band tracked 5 tunes in John's studio and they sound so freakin great! I cannot wait to release them. I am trying to figure out the best ways to do this to serve the work.

There are so many tunes being uncovered from my old studio files that have NOT been released. Sean Kelly, engineer/producer from the  band A Fragile Tomorrow has graciously taken on the task of mixing these tunes to share with all of you on a special CD we want to release.



A compilation Cd of 10 songs from the 13 DH Cd's currently out there. Contribute your favorite song choices via email to help me put this together, What songs would YOU want music lovers YOU know to heart first out of my catalog? I need your guidance.


© Danielle Howle