Danielle Howle + Firework Show

Firework Show: voted  "Most experimental Band in Charleston, SC" by Charleston City Paper in 2011, joined forces with indie veteran vocalist and songwriter Danielle Howle in 2012.

With a Smashing debut to 10,000 people, opening for The Avett Brothers on New Year's Eve, the band found new fans and has been touring ever since.

Danielle Howle + Firework Show is a mix of world rhythms to honky-tonk swamp (John Picard on drums) swinging melodic bass (Casey Atwater) with percussive and lead guitar (Zach Bodtorf) all sizzling together to create an authentic roots/Americana sound in full service of Howle's skilled songwriting.

"What amazes me most about this ensemble is their ability to listen and stay in the tune while giving the honest showmanship to get the crowd on their feet to dance. This is the best ensemble I have worked with and look forward to every show, and rehearsal." says an enthusiastic Howle.

The band will record their second album in the fall of this year. They are currently meeting with various producers and studios to find the best fit for their work.

This fierce, yet friendly, and superbly musical wild to delicate fire of a band will be in your town soon. Go and enjoy.

Danielle Howle

Considered by many to be South Carolina's best kept musical secret, Danielle Howle is a punk rock girl with the voice of a honkeytonk angel. Opening for such diverse acts as Bob Dylan, Ani Difranco, Fugazi, and Indigo Girls, she has garnered worldwide acclaim while somehow remaining under the radar of mainstream America. Now is the time for South Carolina to share it's secret with the rest of America.

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